Our Trainers

All of our coaches compete at state and national levels in their own sports. From NRL to bodybuilding, our coaches have put in work personally and know what it takes to perform at the highest level every single day. If they aren't athletes themselves, they are qualified and capable of getting you any result you desire. 


Coach Michael Ung 

Michael has been a personal trainer for 6 years and has in depth knowledge on all things training, this includes strength training, bodybuilding, rehab & injury as well as body transformations and toning. Michael is currently studying as an exercise physiologist/exercise scientist and utilizes all of his knowledge and experience to get clients the best result possible, having competed in bodybuilding and being an avid martial artist Michael is extremely well equiped to handle any client. Michael is high energy and very easy to communicate with as a trainer.        

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Coach Jamon Wormleaton 

Jamon has been a personal trainer for 6 years and is a semi professional athlete. During his time in several different NRL systems he has been exposed to many different styles of training at the highest intensity, this includes athletic conditioning at the Parramatta Eels & Penrith Panthers, as well as multiple special army bootcamps. Jamon is currently studying as an exercise scientist and like Michael, utilizes his knowledge and experience to work with a vast variety of clients including strength training, body transformation & toning, rehab, athletic performance, and general fitness coaching. Jamon has been training at a semi professional level for 11 years! so if you're looking to become more consistent in the gym and really commit to your fitness journey....this is the place to be. 

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Coach Ricky Tran

Coach Ricky, a compassionate fitness trainer, believes in transforming insecurities into superpowers. His holistic approach combines physical training with mindfulness, fostering overall well-being. As a certified Personal Trainer, Ricky champions sustainable fitness and long-term healthy habits. His caring nature and dedication to his clients' goals make him an exceptional guide on your fitness journey. Follow Ricky @ricky_gpt_tran for fitness inspiration.   

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Coach Tamara Djeric

Coach Tamara, a certified trainer and lifestyle coach, believes in balance. With a decade of experience in the fitness industry, she proves you can let your hair down and still achieve fitness goals. Tamara's mission: to inspire clients to find their perfect balance, transforming fitness into a joyful journey. Carbs and alcohol welcome here. 🍕🍷

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Coach Duke Fong Hee

Meet Duke, a qualified Exercise Physiologist with a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. Duke's unique approach combines functional movements with clinical twang. He's passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals while promoting a balanced lifestyle and longevity.

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James Lu

Coach James has been training for 5+ years and specialises in hypertrophy and strength training. His personal approach to training comes from all the mistakes he made throughout his journey and applied how small habits propel to life-changing effects. His focus and commitment to see his clients dedicate themselves to become better than who they were yesterday is his most valued achievement. If you don't know where to start or how to continue, he's got you. Follow James powerlifting and bodybuilding progress for his upcoming comps @coachjlu_